BONUS EP! // Rob Gets Advice From A Pro (feat. David E Jackson)


David Jackson is a professional photographer who’s shot portraits of Butch Vig, Lemmy Kilmister, Garbage, Tommy Stinson, Chase Bryant, Machine Gun Kelly, and Garry Clark Jr… and Rob Morgan ;) just to name a few.

Right before I turned off the microphones after last week’s episode (Q68) he sat down for a couple minutes to talk about his role in the pop-up-shop that I stumbled on and ended up giving me some advice that’s applicable for anyone creating something that requires interacting with someone you just met for the first time.

Join me as I sit down with David and stick around till the end, as I riff about the four biggest takeaways from our convo and I’ll share some mistakes I’ve made with guests on this podcast that could have been avoided if I would have had this convo sooner.

Recording Location: Mile Of Music Festival, Appleton WI

David on Instagram: @davidejackson

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