Question 20 // How’d you land that gig? (feat. Taylor Johnson)

Taylor Johnson (@wildponytj) is widely known for his work (as a songwriter & electric guitar) with the likes of Lorde, Frank Ocean and Phil Wickham. Take it from me, whether you’re playing music with him on stage or talking soccer in the green-room, Taylor is the real deal. Ever since we met in D.C. a few years back, I’ve referred to Taylor as “The Professional” so we decided to sit down to talk about the most frequently asked question any professional musician gets constantly asked "How’d you land that gig?” Even though this ended up being a very music-focused convo, He shares some great insight for anyone who aspires to create anything with other people. 

In this conversation, we talk about:
-How Taylor got into songwriting and his approach to co-writing
-How co-writing is like improv theatre ("don’t say ‘no’ ")
-The importance of “hearing someone’s idea out.”
-Taylor’s advice for the need to come in with tons of ideas while still holding them loosely when creating with other people.
-Synergy in creating
-Actively putting yourself in situations where you’re going to be stretched creatively

Recording Location: Brit’s Pub, Downtown Minneapolis
Drink: Old Speckled Hen (Me) Jack & Coke (Taylor)

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