Question 14 // Is it beautiful? Do I love it? (feat. Elliott Blaufuss)

Elliott Blaufuss is an artist. Music just happens to be the medium with which he creates his art. You’ve probably seen him singing duets on stage with Kelly Clarkson or Music Directing for Eric Hutchinson. When I was asked to take the position of Music Director with the band Owl City just before their massive Asia tour a few years back, multiple people said I needed to pick Elliott’s brain. I did… it ruled. We decided to meet up again at the same spot we did a few years prior at Black Forest Inn. Grab your favorite German stein (it better be able to hold a Liter) and pull up a stool. Prost!

In this episode we talk about:
-How traveling with music might be in Elliott’s family blood
-Elliott’s intro to the world of performing music
-The ‘meat and potatoes’ of music // “it’s all about story”
-What is an artist? (secret sharers)
-Elliott’s belief that music is tied into the fabric of life // I agree
-Money and Music: “Do it and forget about it.”
-“Is it beautiful Do I love it?”
-How to be present in the moment

Recording Location: Black Forest Inn, MPLS MN
Drinks: Hacker Pschorr Dunkel 

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