Question 32 // How would a Sommelier pair wine with music? (feat. Leslee Miller)

Leslee Miller is a certified Sommelier and owner of wine consulting firm, Amusée. She's also the co-founder and owner of one of the first wine clubs in America, Sip Better. In this terroir  packed episode we uncork way more than just my curiosity about the world of wine and what it takes to become a Sommelier. It’s a conversation about cultivating a curiosity about the world around you and having an openness experiencing life to the fullest. 

Recording Location: Haskell’s Wine Bar, Minneapolis, MN

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-Check out Leslee’s wine consulting firm here:
-Sip Better:
-If you’re in MN and want to hit up one of Leslee’s classes (I know I’m planning on it) check them out here:
-The SOMM documentary we talked about:

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