Question 67 // WHO Is The Future Of Agriculture? (feat. Jared & Valerie Luhman)


Jared & Valerie Luhman were both raised on farms in Minnesota and loved that upbringing. Now married, they live on the family farm, Dry Creek Red Angus, where Jared farms with his dad producing organic crops, and raising beef cattle. "Our goal is to farm in a way that leaves the land in better condition than how we received it, to produce high quality and healthy products, and to generate enough income to provide the opportunity for any member of the family to have the opportunity to work on the farm if they desire."

What does the future of farming and agriculture look like in Minnesota? How the temptation to use too much “Industry language” make communication harder for all of us no matter what industry we’re in? And what does it mean to be an ‘organic’ farm?

Join me as I sit down Jared & Valerie Luhman outside on a hill overlooking their family farm to answer these questions and more.

Recording Location: The Family Farm, Goodhue MN

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