+++ Daily Guinness #011 - “What does it FEEL like to record an album with a band?” (feat. Ben Rosenbush)

“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 11 


I met up with singer songwriter Ben Rosenbush in his greenroom before sound-checking at his album release concert with with his band Ben Rosenbush And The Brighton. I didn’t want to have your standard conversation, asking all the standard questions one asks when someone releases an album. What inspired these songs? Why’d you name this album the way you did? Hard pass. I want to know what it felt like. 
Recording Location: Ben’s greenroom at The Hook And Ladder, Minneapolis MN 
Ben Rosenbush And The Brighton: https://www.facebook.com/Ben-Rosenbush-The-Brighton-150220811729626/




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Gregorian Chant Recording Courtesy Of: Darren Curtis

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