+++ Daily Guinness #009 - Can Legislation Limitations Unlock Cocktail Creativity? (feat. Jack Tillman of Lawless Distillery)

“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 9 

What's the perfect question to ask when sitting down at a new cocktail bar for the first time? What happens to a cocktail lounge when MN Legislation says you can only serve alcohol you make on the premises... and people show up asking for the classics? I stop by Lawless Distillery to learn more about their "Beach Club" release... but I ended up finding about far more. 

Massive thank you to Jake Tillman (@landovva on instagram) for taking the time for my curiosities and Nick Kosevich for making it all happen. 

Lawless Distilling Company: http://www.lawlessdistillingcompany.com/

My conversation with Nick almost 2 years ago: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/question-5-what-is-a-cocktail-consultant-feat-nick-kosevich/id1231166203?i=1000385477554&mt=2



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